reDEFINing B.O.S.S

reDEFINing B.O.S.S reDEFINing B.O.S.S

The Mission

Eloquent Ingenuity™ LLC aims to train and develop current and/or future entrepreneurial leaders to increase the use of effective communication, knowledge sharing and confidence execution in redefining the value, power and responsibility of being a B.O.S.S.!


The Brain Behind Eloquent Ingenuity™:

       The Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Tiffany L. Robinson, MBA, is a social entrepreneur determined to make an impact for generations to come. Trials and triumphs encouraged her to intentionally create a space that revitalizes emerging leaders in business.  Starting with harnessing the power of defining success on her own terms.

Previously identifying as a B.U.S.Y Entrepreneur herself, Tiffany transformed and is free to be a B.O.S.S  with new welded together, once shattered, patterns, beliefs and principles. She chooses to challenge the norm, affirm the possible, dismantle negativity, and  build toward goals daily. 

Tiffany has over a decade of business management experience with long term tenures at two major retail corporations and currently in the non-profit sector tasked with planning and business development.  Her professional career affirms a proven ability to successfully implement processes to support business initiatives. Throughout time, she has been adding and sharpening tools in her toolbox by digging deep, identifying information and exploring knowledge.

Ms. Robinson has a diverse academic portfolio with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a minor in Communications (2012), along with a Masters of Business Administration degree with dual concentrations in Leadership and Human Resources (2017). Post graduate school she continued her learning in the community completing the Community Leadership Program (2018) and the Resident Leadership Program (2019). She is also anticipating to complete a Masters Certificate in Non- Profit Leadership, Innovation, and Organizational Sustainability (2021).

 Committed to education at all levels, the student becomes the teacher. Since 2015, Tiffany has volunteered with an organization to instruct students on workforce readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship in over 10 schools throughout Connecticut.  Beginning in 2017, she also provisionally completes Empowerment Study sessions for her church community.

A spiritual foundation, passion for learning, intellectual curiosity, professional endeavors and community involvement cultivates who Tiffany is and her plans for a legacy with Eloquent Ingenuity ™  LLC.